Choreography for 11 dancers

Eleven or the human becoming shows a dialog between an old man and a child about the world statement, dangers and charms. Both, they symbolise humanity.
Their emotions are played by 9 actors representing the 9 navarasa: Sringara, Hasya, Karuna, Raudra, Vira, Bhayanaka, Bibhatsa, Adbhuta and Shanta.

Through their stories, the two narrators interact. The old man shares his experience, pains and moments of joy, the kid is more tempted by his curiosity, ignorance and recklessness.
Somewhere on the stage, television screens casts of news images. It’s a newscast.

The challenge of Eleven project is to work on both ends of the theatrical practice: From traditional Kathakali codes to collective improvisation.

A work in process

To achieve the writing of the play, we set up a laboratory of gesture, traveling in India and in France, where we experiment the approach of these emotions.

Over 11 workshops, we collect choreographic material and video pictures to different groups of people interested in our project: we had young undocumented minors, homeless people, pensioners, comedians, dancers, etc…

The collected material will be presented to the 11 performers of the creation, all of Kathakali artists from the troupe of Kottakkal, PSV Natyasangham.

Then, we will confront their own virtuosity and body technic proper to Kathakali artists, to movements more common or abstract that we have observed in our previous workshops.

Singular and shared stories

11 workshops (practical workshops) are planned in 11 companies or places of theater practice hosts.

ELEVEN #01 with the Lokadharmi Theatre Company in Cochin, Kerala, India
ELEVEN #02 with children of the French Red Cross, « Centre Enfants du Monde », Kremlin-Bicêtre (94), France
ELEVEN #03 with students from the Thrissur School of Drama, University of Calicut, Kerala, India
ELEVEN #04 with residents from Emergency Reception Center for homeless people Baudricourt, Mairie de Paris, France
ELEVEN #05 residency sponsored by Equip’Art and Paris 3 University, Paris, France
ELEVEN #06 with residents from the retirement home of Jaujac, Format Danse, Ardèche (07), France